DG Software provides a wide range of software solutions to customize your system ranging from small utilities to full applications.

AutoCAD Customization

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Custom AutoCAD commands using AutoLISP or C#. Automate repetitive drafting tasks. Standardize layers and blocks. Templating drawings between projects. Automated creation of Navisworks 3D plant models. Batch plotting and archiving of drawings. Menu system to access custom commands

Windows Applications

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Ranging from small handy utilities to full standalone applications. Utility programs can automate gathering data from spreadsheets and databases to generate reports and email them out. Modified models can be uploaded to a client's ftp site on a daily basis keeping them updated. Full apps can control how data gets entered into your system providing a standardized database.

Website Design

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We will work with you to design your website the way that you want it to be. We can find you a template and customize it to suit your needs or we can create a website right from scratch. With our automation tools, it will be a breeze for you to update your own website.

Android Apps

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DG Software is proud to be starting into developing apps for the Android system. Watch our Software page for these apps as they become available.

Unity 3D

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Every once in awhile it's time to kick back and have some fun. Especially with games that have been created specifically for you. With the Unity 3D engine, we can create a game for you on the platform of your choosing.